Greetings from the Emerald Isle!

Welcome to International Law from the Emerald Isle – a blog about academics and exploration as an exchange student in Ireland.

I am Shea Hazel, a Public Interest Law Fellow (PILF), and Juris Doctor Candidate, 2021, at UMass Law.  I am presently studying International Law and Human Rights at the University of Limerick School of Law – an incredible opportunity to broaden thinking and awareness of global perspectives on complicated legal issues.

As a blogger and correspondent for Spring 2020, it is my goal to share some insights with you into what life is like as an exchange student in Ireland.  I love learning about new people and will be interviewing some of the amazing locals on this beautiful island.  Your engagement on this blog, on twitter, and on Instagram is welcome and encouraged, to include any questions you’d like me to find answers to for you.

It’s my wish that you find this fun, informative, and possibly feel a bit more motivated to pursue one of you own dreams!  Especially if it is joining us to #pursuejustice at UMass Law!  Cheers, and.. here we go!

Hello from Ireland!

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