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On my first day of law school, I never pictured facing a global pandemic.  I’m really glad I chose UMass Law for this journey.  The support has been incredible, both home and abroad.

Crisis Management is a real thing.  Times of immense disruption and unexpected circumstances lead to a variety of emotions and reactions.  How companies treat their employees, schools treat their students, and businesses treat their customers will be remembered.

It is important to consider just how supportive our organizations are and where and how we can be a part of their successes.

This post is dedicated to some of the incredible leadership demonstrated by both the University of Massachusetts and the University of Limerick.

 UMass Law School Leadership During COVID19

Dean Mitnick addressing the UMass Law 2019 Graduates

“I’m immensely proud of the many members of our UMass Law community.  Please know that we are with you during this challenging time and that we will get through this together.” – Eric Mitnick, Dean, UMass Law

And, he means that.  Our Dean is incredible.  He has humbly and confidently led our faculty, staff, and students through an academically challenging and rewarding semester in our classrooms, both home and abroad.  UMass Law has risen to the challenge of transforming face-to-face lectures into online learning platforms, continuously delivering excellent legal education.  Our faculty, staff, and alumni remain vigilant in their efforts to promote connectiveness across our diverse community.

“As citizens of the world, we must stay strong in these difficult times, and it is important to remember that although we are physically distant, we are still connected.” – Daniel Z. Pirbudagov, Executive Director of International Education, UMass Dartmouth.

Skype with the UMass Law IPO Experts, Gina and Dan

The UMass Dartmouth International Program Office has gone the extra mile to enable recalled students the smoothest transition possible.  While I was on quarantine, they reached out for a skype meeting.  The call was professional, but also personal.  I’ve felt extremely supported by the IPO and enjoy working with their talented team.

UL Leadership During COVID-19

From Ireland, I received heartfelt guidance from the University of Limerick’s International Education Division.  Our International Advisors assisted us in safe and seemingly effortless transitions while we were recalled.  The President of UL has been highly engaged and encouraging:

“We must take action – by remaining apart, we stand together… I have no doubt we will weather this storm and return as a campus community even stronger than before.” – Dr. Des Fitzgerald, UL President

As the sun set on the UL Campus, the Schumann Sculpture stood proud. The UL Campus is breathtaking – a very inspiring place to reflect and evolve.

The University of Limerick leadership messages continually reflected their true sadness in supporting moveouts of their beloved local students and relocations for their cherished international students.  The University has remained connected in our now virtual learning, and there is excitement and remarkable support for the UL Community’s efforts to volunteer during this global pandemic.

Shared Messages of Support

If you are wondering if the University of Massachusetts or the University of Limerick is right for you, I hope this post has helped you realize that you would personally matter at both of these schools.  I am grateful to be affiliated with such respectful and professional universities.

“We take our Exchange Program seriously to ensure our students have everything they need, both home and abroad.” – Shaun Spencer, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, UMass Law

We are all in this together.

#Insolidarity with my flatmates, we wish health and happiness to our friends and family around the globe. #covid19kindness #ulpostgrads  #internationalul @attorneyshazel #humanity #umasslaw #ulschooloflaw #legaleducation

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